Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter (Red / Blue) Review

Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter, Red or Blue

The Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter proves to be one of the most reliable products on the market. As it combines functionality with style it is able to satisfy just about every expectation that customers may have. It has allowed many to regain their independence.

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It has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the convenient and compact size, it can easily be disassembled into four pieces. These lightweight pieces can fit into virtually any car trunk.

The scooter is powered by a wireless battery.  It proves to be able to hold its charge well.  Equipped with a finger pull throttle, the scooter can be started in mere seconds.  It can reach speeds of 5 mph. On one a full battery, you should be able to travel a total of 15 miles.

It is easy to handle. It boasts many anti-tip features including the adjustable tiller and auto straightening function. This three wheel model allows for 3 inch turning radius.  It has surpassed the ANSI RESNA testing requirements.

The Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter Features

  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Designed with travel in mind
  • Red & Blue color panels included
  • Add an optional battery and extend your range
  • Total weight of 95 lbs.
  • 48 x 20.5 x 20 inches ; 11.4 pounds


The Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter Reviews

The Drive Medical Phoenix Scooter is one product that actually works as it claims to. Unlike many other products, it does not false advertise. According to reviewers, what you expect is exactly what you get.

An ageing reviewer, who is slowly becoming immobile, has been able to regain his independence thanks to this scooter. Since he can still drive a car, he mostly needed a scooter to use indoors. The Drive Medical proved to be the perfect choice. He claims it is very versatile. He can easily manoeuvre through tight spaces and hallways or through crowds in the mall.

Another reviewer finds it to be extremely safe. He compares it to other three wheel scooters. Unlike the other scooters he has tried, this one has never tipped or left him stranded. Sharp turns are smooth and level. He also loves its compact size. This means he can easily store it or take in from place to place in his car. To him, it proves to be well built.

Yet another reviewer purchased this scooter for her father to use. He has already owned four scooters and was dissatisfied with them all. She had heard and read great things about the Drive Medical Scooter and could only hope her father would appreciate it.  After using the scooter only a few times, her dad fell in love with it. He claims it is by far the best scooter he has ever owned.

Most reviewers, if not all, would recommend the scooter to other potential buyers. The Phoenix 3 Wheel Portable Travel Scooter not only performs exceptionally, but it is also offered at unbeatable price.

Questions & Answers (Customers Q&A):

Q1: Does the chair swivel?
A: Hi Valerie-Mae, thank you for your interest in Drive Medical! Yes, the seat will turn in either direction.
20 hours ago by Drive Medical Product Specialist MANUFACTURER

Q2. I would like something like this for air travel. I wonder though what your experiences are getting on shuttle busses, etc, with it, for example to get to a hotel or rental car. Jan 28, 2014
A: hi sven, i just flew on s.west with mine. i drove mine right on the plane and they stored it and brought it back 2 me when we landed. it was a wonderful experience. not sure about rental cars ect. but it sure fits in the back of an suv without taking apart u just need help. the shuttle bus was no problem. hope this helps! luv mine!

Q3: I am 6’1 215 lbs with slightly longer legs. Will this be cramped? Oct 9, 2014
A: I think that it might, but maybe not. I suggest that you go to a dealer and try one out.

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