Mega Motion 3-Wheel Travel Pal Scooter, Blue Review

Mega Motion 3-Wheel Travel Pal Scooter, Blue

Owning the Mega Motion 3-Wheel Travel Pal Scooter is a way to regain your independence. Doing groceries and other errands by yourself becomes possible again. As this reliable product has been thoughtfully designed by a company who knows travel scooter technology best, you can be sure you are purchasing a reliable product.

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It has been made to last. Scratch resistant plastic covers the entire frame of the scooter. It also proves to be extremely safe. The flat-free solid tires ensure that the ride will be smooth. The mirrors on either side of the scooter allow you to see what it directly behind you. As it is lightweight, you can store it just about anywhere.

Mega Motion 3-Wheel Travel Pal Scooter Features

  • Flat-free solid tires
  • Easily adjustable tiller
  • Scratch resistant plastic
  • Weight: 100 pounds


The Mega Motion 3-Wheel Travel Pal Scooter Review

These days it is hard to find any product, let alone a scooter, that is inexpensive and meets all of your personal needs. Thankfully there is a travel scooter on the market that has past the scrutiny of even the harshes reviewers. Whether they needed the scooter due to failing health or simply as an alternative to a bike or car, the Mega Motion 3-Wheel Scooter has offered many reviewers exactly what they expected.

One reviewer purchased the Mega Motion for her mother-in-law and although was not pleased with the long wait to receive her scooter, found it was easy to set up and use. The controls are straightforward. You can not confuse their uses as they are clearly labelled.

Another reviewer had a difference experience. She stated that the delivery for the scooter was arrived on time and that the delivery man was kind and helpful.  She does complain that the owner’s manual is unclear and hard to read. Yet, since the product arrives practically already assembled, the owner’s manual is not really needed. There was just one connection which she could not figure out how to make. After a call to helpful customer service team, the problem was quickly resolved.

A tall customer found it difficult to sit for long periods on her scooter because the foot rests were not even long enough for her legs to relax on. For her, the scooter did have many redeeming qualities.

She loved how quickly the battery charges.  It also proves to last for quite a long distance. She also found that the seat was extremely comfortable. Despite the lack of leg room you could sit on the scooter for hours. She claims the scooter to be easily manoeuvred. She can turn through corridors, pass through large crowds and move through tight spaces without a complaint.

Lastly a reviewer was pleased that the travel scooter moves at a fast pace. When riding through the mall, she could keep up with everyone else. She is disappointed that the Mega Motion does not disassemble to fit in a car. However, it’s other great qualities make up for this slight downfall. Not only does it prove to perform well, it is also offered at an great price.

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