Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter Review

Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter #2 - 610x320

Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter – For those of you who have a difficult time moving from place to place, there is a product on the market just for you; the Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter. Designed by a reputable company, who has many years of experience in scooter technology, the Pride celebrity boasts to be an reliable transportation method.

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The Pride Celebrity combines functionality with style. It’s easy to use controls make it simple to manoeuvre through tight crowds or in narrow halls. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that proves to be long-lasting.


Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter Features

  • This scooter comes with additional features like Batteries, Cane/Crutch Holders, Front Lower Light, Path Illumination, Jumbo Front Basket, Oxygen Tank Holder, Walker Holder and Weather Cover. For further details please call 866-316-0162.
  • This scooter comes with rear bumper, front tiller basket and a rearview mirror. Delta Tiller with wraparound handles. Auto-latching lockup for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • 19″ x 16″ deluxe foldable moulded seat with sliders for increased comfort. Includes bright and long-lasting. LED lights for safety.
  • Front frame-mounted seat post for optimal stability. Convenient 5 AMP off-board charger. Flat free tires.
  • Buy Now and get a set of 6 FREE! Accessories.

Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter Review

As there are many types of scooters being sold today, determining which one is right for you can seem like a daunting and difficult task.  After reading many reviews, it is clear that there is one scooter on the market that can cater to every customer’s needs. The Pride Celebrity X 3 Wheel Scooter is the perfect scooter for anybody and everybody.

One customer who recently bought the Pride Celebrity raved about its excellent performance.  She commented on its ability to provide a smooth ride. When she is riding this scooter she does not feel bumps or rivets on the sidewalk.

The seat also proves to be comfortable and the wheels are large enough to provide stability when turning. She noticed how easily the horn could be heard. She is also pleased that there are lights. She states that she “loves it”.

Another reviewer noticed how the X 3 Wheel Scooter was sleek and stylish. As she is only thirty she did not want to appear older while riding a scooter. Yet, after purchasing the Pride Celebrity, she no longer worries about that. Instead she is overjoyed that she can actually get from place to place without a struggle. She found that it turned well and rode at a fast pace.

Yet, another reviewer, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, highly recommends the Pride Celebrity. The batteries hold their charge long and are easily rechargeable. It could fit into her car without her having to disassemble it. Its safety features are also helpful. It acts just like a car. As it is equipped with mirrors, you have the advantage of seeing what is directly behind you. It even beeps to warn people you are backing up.

As you can see, the customers have been satisfied with their purchase and view it as a practical vehicle for everyday use.

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